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The Accelerator launches startups based on disruptive technologies discovered and developed in university research labs. Small businesses can book an office space or The program combines cutting-edge inventions discovered in research labs with entrepreneurs, students, inventors, experienced mentors, collaborative office space, and intensive curriculum based on the Lean Startup Methodology to launch new companies and move inventions from the lab to the market. Over a four-month program teams of students and entrepreneurs work alongside inventors and mentors to launch a new venture and present that venture at Demo Day to an audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, and business leaders.

If you have ever wanted to be an entrepreneur but never had the idea to run with, this program is for you! We have lots of innovative technologies that can be the basis for a startup.



How to Apply


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur that has ever wanted to start your own company but didn’t quite have the right idea to run with, then the Accelerator is for you. In our program, you will have access to over 50 cutting edge technologies developed in University research labs, access to collaborative work space, mentorship from top industry experts, and provided a model to help you raise venture funding to start your business.

To get started:

  • First, browse the Texas Tech University System technologies and get a sense of which ones interest you. If you see a market application for one or more of the technologies, brainstorm how you might commercialize it. There is a small fee for all applicants which will be billed with our secure checkout page


  • Form a team. While you can apply as an individual, we recommend that you apply with a team or a partner. Startups are generally a ‘team sport’ and in some cases there may be more than one person interested in commercializing the technology. Try to form a team that will become a startup founding team upon successful acceptance into the program.


  • Apply online. If you do apply with a team, each person should submit their own application.



Texas Tech University students can apply for the Accelerator as well under the student track. Our program provides students with a real world entrepreneurial experience and provides students with the tools to launch and successfully operate a high-tech startup. If selected for participation in our program, students are compensated with two stipends throughout the program. If you have questions about applying as a student, please see our FAQ’s section. To apply, follow the instructions above.

Demo Day

Demo Day is a regional showcase for TECHCELERATOR start-ups and regional ventures in a “shark tank” type setting where each company will have 10 minutes to pitch and present their business. The audience will include; venture capitalists, angel investors, local business leaders, alumni, and other community stakeholders. One team will also walk away with a trip to a major entrepreneurial hub like San Francisco, CA, Austin,TX, or New York,NY!



Mentors are essential to the Accelerator, providing valuable feedback and guidance to Accelerator entrepreneurs and students.  If you’re interested in serving Texas Tech and the Lubbock communities in this way, please contact Ryan Reber.



A: No. Obviously, the more time you spend advancing your startup, the higher your chances for success. However, we understand that you may need to continue to work during the four-month acceleration period.
A: Send the following details regarding EACH technology to william.lowry@ttu.edu (one email per technology):
·         Research Institution:
·         Technology Title:
·         Case # (if available):
·         Management Team Overview (briefly describe the core members of the founding team):
·         Business/Market Opportunity (briefly describe the identified need/fit for this technology within the market):
·         Specific questions for the Technology Transfer Officer (TTO) or inventor about this technology:
·         Management Team Leader Contact Info (name, email, and phone):
Once received, the Accelerator team will provide the necessary information.
Yes. Your team may bundle one or more technologies together in order to strengthen your venture’s commercialization strategy. Likewise, your team may submit as many Accelerator applications as you’d like for multiple ventures based on disparate technologies.
A. Yes, We have a small processing feel for the Accelerator Program. This is to cover the costs and expenses associated with the event. It is easy to make payment online with your our easy to use internet merchant gateway.
A: Our program is not a fit for you. Our focus is to form companies around existing inventions developed in university research labs. However, since we work with entrepreneurs and startups all the time, we are happy to meet with you to determine if we could help you commercialize your own idea.
A: You get out of our program what you put into it. We provide you the opportunity to create your own company and therefore you have to decide how hard you work. That being said, students participating in the program that receive a stipend are expected to spend at least 15 hours per week in our program. We stress the phrase at least. All participants are expected to make all required events throughout the program which run weekly from January 14-May 13.
A: We have built and continue to build a large network of industry experts including; investors, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEO’s, lawyers, marketing and branding experts, CFO’s, etc. You will have access to our mentor network as you work to commercialize a selected technology.
A: Yes, absolutely. Inventors of each technology are highly motivated to see their inventions get commercialized.
A: We do not at this point in time, but we are actively engaging with sponsors to provide start-up funding for our Accelerator companies. What can commit to is providing each company with an audience of investors to be able to pitch their company for investment?
A: Sorry, we do not offer the ability to get course credit at this time.

A: It depends on how many students we end up selecting to participate in the program. A good average to assume is $500 for full participation in the program.

A: Yes, we are accepting applications from anywhere in the world, assuming you and/or your team involved could temporarily relocated in the region for the acceleration period of 4 months.



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